West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2011-12 Renewal

Published on 24th April 2012.



List of Selected Candidates


List of Institutions where Cheques has been sent

Other Notice(s)
Re-open Merit-cum-means portal for renewal only from 17th to 22nd February,2015 on  18th February 2015
Re-open Merit-cum-means portal for renewal from 10th to 18th January,2015 on  7th January 2015
Date extended for fresh application of MCM 2014-15 on  22nd September 2014
Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2011-12 Renewal Disbursement 2nd Lot on  4th July 2012
Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2011-12 Fresh on  19th April 2012
Guideline for Institutions for OSMS (MCM) for 2011-12 on  9th September 2011
Urgent Notice to MCM Applicants on  19th August 2011
MCM Renewal 2010-11 Disbursement on  3rd August 2011
Very Important Notice to MCM Applicants on  26th July 2011
MCM FRESH 2010-11 DISBURSEMENT on  20th July 2011
Merit-cum-Means Urgent Notice on  26th April 2011
Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2010-11 Renewal Provisional List on  25th April 2011
MCM Urgent Notification on  18th March 2011
Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2010-11(Renewal) on  21st February 2011
Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2010-11(2nd Lot) on  27th January 2011
Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Fresh 2010-11 on  9th December 2010
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